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How amazing is Greece?

Greece, a country with 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, has over 6000 islands out of which just 227 are inhabited. It is a country full of monuments, beautiful locations, welcoming weather with hospitable people. She is well renown for her mediterranean cuisine, the pristine beaches, the amazing diversity of the landscape and a vibrant culture.

From beautiful islands to award-winning beaches, great forests, beautiful mountains, rolling hills, rocky terrains and spectacular cities and castles, Greece has it all and more. It is country that combines the old with the new, the traditional with the modern.

Millions of visitors come to Greece every year. The country has a large number of international airports and a relatively good transport system that includes national airports, ferries, trains and national bus routes. The English languate is widely spoken especially within the tourism industry.

Get Mesmerized with Greece’s Rich Culture and Hospitality

Greece instantly conjures up images of an ancient mythical land. Think of Delphi in the Peloponnese, the impressive Acropolis in Athens, the legendary temples of Zeus and Hera, the medieval town of Mystras, the birthplace of Olympic Games-Olympia and the peerless geological rocks of Meteora.

Hospitality remains as deep-rooted as democracy over here. One of the names of god Zeus was Zeus Xenios, which means showing hospitality to travelers.

Did you know?

  • Over 25 million people are estimated to have visited Greece in 2015. More than double the county’s population!
  • 5.6 million passengers flew from the UK to Greece in 2014.
  • Tourism accounts for approximately 20% of Greece’s GDP.
  • Greece has approximately 9000 miles of coastline.
  • The biggest island in Greece is Crete.
  • Greece has one of the largest naval fleets in the world.
  • Greece’s official name is “Hellenic Republic”.
  • Greece has been a member of the European Union since 1981.
  • Greece is a parliamentary republic and its parliament consist of 300 members.
  • Ancient Greece’s city-states were the first to elect their leaders rather than have kings and therefore Greece is considered the birthplace of democracy.
  • The official Greek flag was adopted in 1828.
  • Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games. The Greeks would sacrifice one hundred bulls to Zeus during each Olympics.
  • The first Greek tragedy was performed in 534 B.C.

Greece’s 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The Acropolis in Athens; The Archaeological Site of Aigai (modern name Vergina); The Archaeological Site of Delphi; The Archaeological Site of Mystras; The Archaeological Site of Olympia; The Archaeological Sites of Mycenae and Tiryns; Delos; the Medieval City of Rhodes; The Monasteries of Daphni, Hosios Loukas and Nea Moni of Chios; The Old Town of Corfu; The Paleochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki; The Pythagoreion and Heraion of Samos; The Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus; The Temple of Apollo Epicurius at Bassae; The Historic Centre (Chorá) with the Monastery of Saint-John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse on the Island of Pátmos; Meteora; Mount Athos

Food and Cuisine

Greece is a must if you want to taste the most exquisite Mediterranean flavors. Almost every area that you visit will have its own special recipes. Who hasn’t heard of moussaka, tzatziki, the greek salad or stuffed vine leaves?

Useful info

  • Population: Approx 11 million
  • Capital: Athens
  • Currency: Euro
  • Dialling code: +30
  • Emergency number: 112

 A little bit about us

We started working on this site out of our love for Greece and the so many beautiful places that the country has to offer.

We aim to provide useful information to those who plan to visit Greece for a holiday. The search boxes that you will be able to use through out the site will redirect you to other websites  where you can proceed to compare flights, hotels, car rentals and much more!

We have included places in Greece’s mainland, for example Thessaloniki, Chalkidiki, the Acropolis, Meteora and Dephi; islands of the Aegean such as Santorini, Mykonos, Skiathos, Skopelos, Kos, Samos; Islands of the Ionian such as Corfu, Kefallonia and Zante; and of course places in beautiful Crete.

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A few ideas?


Acropolis is an important site to visit while in Greece as it is considered among the most well-known, respected and attractive of all sites around the world. Athens could never have attained the status of such a revered and noted city if the, Holy Rock, Acropolis was not situated here. Such is the value of the Acropolis that the site was formally included in the European Cultural Heritage List as a pre-eminent monument in 2007. READ MORE…


Santorini is situated at the southernmost corner of Cyclades and regarded as the jewel of the Aegean. Santorini boasts of a wealth of natural wonders from rocky bays to stretched-out sandy beaches, amazing weather, colourful environment and vibrant night life. READ MORE…


Mykonos is known as the most popular cosmopolitan island in Greece. It is a whitewashed haven located in the centre of Cyclades. Mykonos is the name of Apollo’s grandson and according to Greek mythology, the island was formed from the bodies of the giants that Hercules killed. READ MORE…


Known as the most beautiful city in Crete, Chania is also considered as probably the most beautiful in Greece. This city has natural, well-preserved and privileged beauty. It is protected by the panoramic glory of the huge and indestructible Madares mountains to the south and the immense beauty of the Sea of Crete to the north. All around is the land, alive and spirited that once you set foot on it, you would not want to leave. READ MORE…


If there is one Greek island that can be considered blessed, it is Rhodes. It has golden beaches, magnificent green hills and rich verdant valleys. Tourism is big business here. READ MORE…


Corfu has managed to preserve its classic Old Town that it was hailed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This specific destination offers artistic traditions from the Renaissance Era, Baroque Era and Classical period. There are several fortresses, palaces and modest public structures from the Venetian rule that blend perfectly with the lines of quaint secluded squares and small alleyways. READ MORE…


The second-largest city in Greece, and capital of Greek Macedonia, has a lot more to boast about, besides its festivals, events, and vibrant cultural life. Some would say that this port city has a more upbeat lifestyle than any other place in Greece. READ MORE…


Skiathos is part of the Sporades group of islands and is situated in the North West Aegean Sea. This Greek Island is well known for its beautiful beaches, its wooded landscape as well as its vibrant night life. READ MORE…


Naxos is the largest Greek Island in the Cyclades group and is situated in the South Aegean. It is an island with beautiful long sandy beaches, mountain villages, whitewashed traditional buildings, Venetial castles and a number of sites that one can visit. READ MORE…


Known as the biggest island in the Ionian Sea, Kefallonia is an island that offers amazing beaches, magnificent sights, great monuments, rich culture and history, hidden monasteries, beautiful castles, magical mountains and hospitable and cheerful people. READ MORE…


Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is aptly named as the flower of the East as it is a verdant island ideally endowed with temperate climate and fertile valleys. It has beaches of different types. You can enjoy a sandy beach adventure where you can have full privacy while you suck in the beauty of the tranquil deep blue waters. You can also have fun at the western side of the island that offer adventurous underwater world and rugged cliffs. READ MORE…


Kalambaka town awaits a spectacular sight comprising of 6 magnificent monasteries balanced meticulously 400 meters above the ground on huge severed stone pinnacles. Meteora is a world famous pilgrimage location, one of the holiest places of Christianity and a UNESCO World Heritage site. READ MORE…

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